Sell Diamonds For The Best Price In Israel

Selling diamonds for cash

What do we know about diamonds?

Diamonds are the strongest element in nature, no two diamonds are identical, they are glamorous and famously the best friend of women and more. Real diamonds are formed deep underground it is a process that takes millions of years. The diamond gets great value because of their special and extremely tedious creation. Some facts we don’t know are that 30 tons of soil produce only 0.2 grams ( 1 carat ) of the diamond. However, the diamonds we see have underwent the further processing of: scoring, cleaving , sawing , cutting , polishing, brushing and boiling. There are many unknown facts about diamonds other then what they look like in their natural state to the naked eye and also a lot more to know when it comes to selling them. In the next section we will try to answer some of the questions regarding what affects the price of a diamond and discuss the world of possibilities that comes from selling diamonds for cash.

Diamonds that are forgotten

It not uncommon that people all over the world keep old jewelry with diamonds in the hidden corners of their homes. Maybe you are that someone, who had received jewelry as a gift or as part of an inheritance many years ago but have stopped to wear it.  A common, but not unjust mistake is to think that because it is a “diamond” the value will always be saved at the price you bought it but the truth is that the financial value is determined by an index which can change for the better or the worse. For example, you may not be aware that the diamond that you own is at a high demand and now that its price has soared would be an optimal time to sell for cash. One should also know that there is an increase in every year that passes for the diamond to be further polished or else loses its value. 

Burglars like diamonds too

Beyond the economic risk arising from obsolescence of the diamond is the risk of theft. Records show that the risk of theft increases indefinitely when there is diamond jewelry left in ones home. One of the most stolen item in an invasion of a home is jewelry and diamond jewelry being the first targeted kind. Yes, there is an option to invest even more money then the cost of the piece itself on a safe or other protective device, but truth is, even a safe doesn’t exempt you from the threat of thievery. The most plausible and financially smart decision for someone with unwanted or unworn diamonds, even if it contains sentimental value, is to swap it in for cash in hand. Bigger opportunities will arise for you and your loved ones with liquid money, perhaps investing, saving or the purchase of  jewelry you will wear.

How to sell diamonds

There are many common misconceptions people have when it comes to selling their old and unworn diamonds. People think that they will not be able to sell their diamonds easily or they will not obtain a proper amount in exchange for it. Currently, there is a shrinking supply of diamonds and many professionals are willing to buy diamonds at an even higher rate, when they are not even fine quality and even if it is a small amount . So certainly the contrary idea about not being able to sell your diamond is true and instead this is a golden opportunity for someone interested in selling his/her old diamonds for cash to do it. Nevertheles, it is important not to be tempted to make deals with just any company. In the diamond business a companies reputation is everything, so doing prior research is your best bet at attaining the best reciprocation for your old diamond. A great diamond company does not risk unfair trading since that would taint its reputation over the course of time and in this industry, reputation holds valued weight. 
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