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Selling old gold for cash

What to do with old gold at home?

Many Israels are asking themselves, what should be done with decades old gold received from a bar mitzvah, dowry or inheritance? Maybe it is hard to part with, maybe it is vintage and you do not want to sell it. Old gold can sometimes hold great sentimental value and we as a company that handles old gold on a regular basis are aware of this. As a reliable company that has established itself in the market of buy and selling gold, diamonds and silver we offer the highest and fairest bids. Certainly one should make a great deal when they offer to sell quality old gold. 

The purchase and selling of gold is very common throughout the world. The United States has even gone so far as to produce “gold parties” where parties of people meet, maybe even at a friends house next door – to  buy and collect old gold. Similarly, but on a more business end  parties have created gold auctions. that allows parties to make lucrative deals. Both parties are satisfied, the buyer who gets the gold at a fair price and the seller who earns cash at hand immediately. 

Is it permissible to sell gold in Israel?

Israel has allowed the sale and purchase of gold and other precious metals only from those companies and personale who have attained a license from the state. In addition, there are also laws regarding the purity of gold. As we know, totally pure gold has 24 carats of concentration, however, it is difficult to produce and wear 24 karat jewelry.But when jewelry is made of gold alloy mixed with other metals it brings down the purity level. According to Israeli law, if the gold is less than 9 karats – it is forbidden to be called gold.

The process of selling old gold

Why not sell your old gold, when there is a risk of loosing it or having it Stolen at home. Furthermore, there is even a risk when taking your old gold to have it appraised at a store. For this reason, licensed gold dealers can now provide you with a service of coming straight to your home to have it expertly appraised and sold. In this manner there is usually a fee for the convenient service. 

selling the gold ?

There is no “right time” to sell your gold, but the most advisable time would be when cash is needed. If you go to a good company you will receive a fair price. However if the concern about parting from your old gold is emotionally weighing you down consider pawning it instead. When you pawn your gold you always have the option to buy it back.

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